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The Saint Elias
The Saint Elias, translated by Pierre Cloutier, Montreal, Harvest House, 1975, p. 145.
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The Saint Elias

The Saint Elias is named for a trading barque built in the early nineteenth century by the people of Batiscan on the North Shore of the St.Lawrence, between Montreal and Quebec city. For these colonized villagers the barque is a symbol of freedom — an opening to the world of Europe, Africa, international trade, good wine and ideas — an opportunity to turn their backs on their native land which is allegedly teeming with corruption and foreign control. This chronicle has the Voltairean quality which the writing of Ferron so often exhibits. Physician, bishop, farmer, villager, wencher and wench, the convent-bred and the agnostic, combine to give us a picture of the nineteenth century French-Canadian village community. The Saint Elias is a Canadian "Fiddler on the Roof" that abounds in humour and skirts the edge of tragedy.

Jacques Ferron sees himself and other novelists as "impatient historians," a view which is aptly demonstrated in The Saint Elias. John Grube too, in his review of The Saint Elias, has commented on its potent politico-religious implications. But as he remarked " …On Ferron's hands it becomes a fascinating and slightly scandalous series of quarrels and love affairs, carried along by his natural gift as a story-teller. While the main characters, Dr. Fauteux for example, are purely imaginary and marvellous fictional creations, the book is peppered with mischievous references to real people" (Books in Canada).
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