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Wild Roses
Wild Roses, translated by Betty Bednarski, Toronto, McLelland and Stewart, 1976, 123 p.
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Wild Roses

Wild Roses traces the frightening contours of a mind that yields to the deceptive sweetness of insanity. Searching beyond the limits of conventional points of view, the prize-wining novel by Quebec’s foremost literary figure enters the chaotic world of one man’s tortured psyche, unfolding a fabric of dark mysteries, hidden meanings, and sinister forces. The shadows claim their victims, but the man’s daughter, with the help of a wise old woman, struggles to break the spell of madness and death that hovers over her father’s house and that stretches its tentacles from Montreal to Moncton, to Casablanca.

Written with astounding candour and great delicacy of feeling, Jacques Ferron’s Wild Roses was awarded the 1972 Prix France-Québec and has been hailed as one of his beautiful books. It is translated here with perception and fidelity, along with the thematicaly linked Love Letter and Introduction>, included in the original French edition. The two works comprise a unique literary achievement, full of nobility and tragic grandeur.

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